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Need To Purchase Any Hyundai Spare Parts?


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  • Ken

    Order number 12-09227-26108.  I ordered from you a Hyundai HYSC210 two days ago.  I assembled it yesterday but it is missing one or more pieces.  On the left side of the scarifier, as viewed from the user position, the dead-man's handle has nothing attached to it.  The wire from the engine terminates on the left side handle, about 20 cm from the horizontal top of the handle, in a stub of cable, approximately 3 mm in diameter, protruding about 8 mm, with a lateral hole in it.  I imagine I need the 20 cm (roughly) length of cable to join the dead man's handle to the engine cable.  Plus I do not know whether I need a small bolt/clip/screw etc to make the join at the lower end.  I THINK, from your instruction manual, that I need parts HYSC210-A02 (1001002) (nut), HYSC210 A18 (1001018) (bolt), HYSC210-31 (1001031) (Fixed Plate) and HYSC210-A29 (1001029 (Brake Cable).


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